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The iit rajasthan is one of the most promising and highly functional forms of education that are offered for students who are opting for technical stream in the graduation section. It is also very close to the beautiful city of Jodhpur and is one of the latest and in among the finest in the country the fist initial formation that are formed here was on 2008 and has its structure and administration and other offices in according to the norms that are followed in IIT Ahmadabad. Further it is also well supported by Ministry of Human Resource Development under Government of India.

The iit rajasthan college has one of the most affluent faculties that are inclusive of the presence of the state of the art facilities that carries the status of the other seven IIT's that are well spread throughout the country. The faculty members are also well established in the status with according to that of the various IIT that has been working forward to build new and innovative technology and that will help in making it possible to bring up not only the country but also be one of the innovative help for the whole world.

As part of the iit rajasthan india that courses that are offered here is the presence of Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering, Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering and Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering. The courses that are offered are based purely in the field of engineering and technology. The campus is well sufficient and modeled in such a way that will help making the students and the resident faculty members happy and well engaged in everything they do. As part of the iit jee rajasthan the admission that are done here is mostly done through the Joint Entrance examination (JEE) that is among the most wanted students in the country and also internationally as they complete their studies here for their professional courses.

Indian Institute of Technology Rajasthan Address

The IIT Rajasthan takes into account the various factors that are inclusive of the fact that offers the students the opportunity of a lifetime that will enable them in creating the most advance form of learning that are made in the form of learning by doing. There are also various other outstanding teaching and learning process that will offer the perfect opportunity to build their life and create it in the most advance form. The iit rajasthan address is located in IIT Jodhpur, Old Residency Road, Ratanada, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, Jodhpur, and Rajasthan 34201.