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The soul of our privacy policies is to keep the personal and transactional privacies of our visitors completely confidential, in order to make them fully secure from all sorts of possible enquiries, disputes, and controversies in future. Any piece of information [question or query] related with the subjects or topics covered in by ours this educational website of India, asked or sent by any person of India or abroad, is not to be disclosed by us to any other person, institution, company, or any other entities, which could be located in any country of the world. This clearly means that all questions and queries of our visitors, our answers and suggestions to them, and all topics of interactions with them, are kept completely secret by us, and are not transmitted to any person or entity for our personal or promotional benefits.

Again, we have no intention to harm or reduce the reputation or popularity of any educational websites or educational institutions of India and the whole world. However, it is our duty to enrich our website constantly in future years, with a view to make it maximally informative, unbiased, useful, and constructive to all persons and entities which are involved in the broad sector of education and teaching in India and countries worldwide. The pieces and strings of information and comparative data provided in our website are compiled honestly and impartially, so as to give the best possible accuracy, reliability, and selection-priorities to our visitors. One thing more, our organization is oblivious of (and is therefore, not accountable for) the privacy policies of the websites or companies whose links or referrals could ever be found in ours this website anywhere. Lastly, the Disclaimer given in ours this website is worth a reading, to understand clearly and comprehensively ours stand and privacy policies.