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The Indian government offers diverse kinds of visas which is with respect to the purpose of the visit and one of them is the student visa which is one of the most important documents for those who are planning to study in the different academic courses and programs. The duration may vary owing to the difference in the permitted time that has been allowed which may vary from months to an extended period of five years that will be supported with the presence of the formal acknowledgement in the form of letter of admission from the Universities/recognized colleges or educational institutions in India.

Every year there are a number of students who come to study and be enlightened here and one of the most important things to remember here is that they have with them the international student visa which can be acquired by applying for it from the Indian Embassies/High Commission. There are various form that are need to be filled out and the follow up of the information that will be offered which needs to be duly followed and accordingly the student can stay and learn from any university.

The international student visa is comprised of different types and form as if the student is here on the Government of India scholarships the Indian mission will than issue a regular student visa after the admission has been confirmed. Another is if the student is a self-financing student than he or she has to produce letters of admission from universities or recognized colleges and institutions in India to be able to receive the regular student visa. Further as for the research students a copy of the synopsis of the research project should also be submitted with the signature of approval from the sponsoring institution in India along with the no objection certificate from the concerned Ministries in India.

Apart from it if the learner does not have the letters of admission from universities or institutions then a Provisional Student Visa by the Indian missions abroad and which will be valid for three months. In case the admission is not being approved, within the given time period then the student will be asked to leave the country.

Information for India and International Online

There is also the presence of the online application and forms which are needed to be filled out by students in the time of application for the student's visa for studying in the country. There will be interviews and other necessary information will be offered for those who are applying for it with the forms from the Indian Visa Application Center (IVAC) or even directly from the Indian Mission/ Post.

As the student visa india for the international applicant is valid for a period of five years which can be further extended after its renewal with the inclusion of the reason of the stay. Foreign students who are staying in the country with more than 180 days have to register themselves from the local FRRO/FRO within 14 days of arrival

There are various documents that are needed as part of the application of the student's visas such as the original signed passport valid for 6 months from day of application and two blank visa pages for Indian visa stamps. The entire process of application is to be done in the on-line Indian visa application forms filling process. After which there will be various other verification that are needed to be done with the supervision from the Indian Visas or even the concerned ministers that are involved for it.