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The indian institute of management in india is a chain of highly well formed business schools that are offered to students who are keen in getting the one of the most well enhanced and wanted course that are in demands among the students. The origination of the institute was first formed under the leadership of the Planning Commission after India's independence as part of the growth in the industrial policy, along with the support of foreign universities in the early stage of its formation in two of the most important cities which is then named as Indian Institutes of Management Calcutta (now Kolkata) and Ahmedabad. It was the pure support and initiation of the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru who is also the first Prime Minister of India.

The iim in india today has grown considerably and at present has 13 public institutes that are well spread throughout the country. The courses that are found here are mostly from the postgraduate to the doctoral programs that are well spread in such a way that the students are given the opportunity to explore and define their abilities that are in respond with the present development.

List of IIM Institutes in India

The courses that are offered at the iim institutes in india are in equal status with that of the top universities from around the globe in the MBA programs. The institute has state of the art facilities that are well supported with the inclusion of modern technologies and advancement that will boost the academic and learning spirit of the students.

The lists of iim in india that are found here consist of the following:

As for the admission process of the iim colleges in india consist of two different types or kinds which is in consideration of the residents of India and the those from other countries. The test that is for the local student consists of the Common Admission Test (CAT) and other international or overseas students can apply with the GMAT. As for those who are applying for research or doctoral program has to get the score of CAT, GATE, GMAT and GRE that are well supported with the inclusion of 'Research Aptitude Test (RAT)' that are followed with interviews of the candidates. The admission procedure also follows the rules that are offered by the Indian constitution for those from the minority's social status.