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The preschool programs or the early childhood education (ECE) philosophies are nothing but the methods or approaches of providing support and facilities to little children, so that they could develop the following qualities and capabilities: --- communication skills [talking and listening]; thinking skills; understanding of the world around them; making friends; teamwork; self-help skills; social skills; literacy; exploring creative ideas and talents; problem-solving skills; and other necessary skills which make them ready for entering into the nursery or primary schools. These preschool education programs are implemented through creating purposefully-designed appropriate learning environment, intentional teaching practices, structured activities, and hands-on learning and experiences.

The main and ultimate aims of the best preschool programs can nothing be other than developing a variety of mental abilities, skills, and knowledge in children, in order to make them maximally suitable for joining the nursery schools or primary schools. The essentially covered areas by these qualities and skills are early literacy, mathematical awareness, fundamental knowledge of sciences, self-confidence and self-dependency, and necessary communication and social activities. Today, the majority of big and reputed preschools have adopted any one of the following most prominent and globally popular preschool philosophies and programs [methods of teaching]:

  • Montessori
  • Waldorf
  • Reggio Emilia
  • Head Start
  • HighScope
  • Bank Street
  • Parent Co-Ops

Top Preschool Education in India

Special early childhood education (ECE) is gaining grounds fast in the majority of big cities of India. The number of play schools or preschools in major metropolitan cities is large; and most of the famous and popular preschools in these major cities follow any of the above-mentioned preschool programs. Some of these play schools are run and managed by internationally reputed chains of preschools. Thus, the preschool programs in india, covers most of the globally admired philosophies for early childhood education. Detailed information about each of these preschool teacher programs can easily be available from visiting any reputed websites which offer contents on the preschool programs online, to help educators of the world over.

Selection of the best suitable preschool for your child aged in between two to five years, is to be made on basis of the following criteria - past reputation of the targeted play school; institutional and educational fees; quality and richness of curriculum; playing and recreational facilities; level of sincerity, care, and concern for the child; hygiene and safety measures; kind and considerate teachers and helping staff; innovative approach for better ECE; etc. Based on these criteria, the following play schools or preschools are considered creditworthy and best in the concerned cities of India:
  • Kangaroo Kids
  • EuroKids (Play School)
  • Shemrock Play Schools
  • Apple Kids International Pre-Schools
  • British Kids School, Hyderabad
  • ABC Montessori, Pune
  • The Magic Years Montessori House of Children, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi
  • Step by Step, Panchsheel, New Delhi
  • Head Start Montessori, Koramangala, Bangalore
  • Kangaroo Kids, Bandra, Mumbai
  • Vruksha Montessori, Alwarpet, Chennai
  • Mongrace Montessori House, Short Street, Kolkata
  • Little Scholars Playschool and Montessori House, Kolkata
  • Little Pearls (Play School), New Delhi/NCR
  • Amiown (Play School), New Delhi/NCR
  • BACHPAN (Play School), Delhi/NCR
  • Kidzee, Mumbai
  • Tender Hearts, Mumbai
  • Little Elly (Play School), Bangalore
  • Kangaroo Kids, Mumbai
  • Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
  • Blue Bells Preparatory School, Gurgaon
  • The Tree House (Play School), Mumbai
  • Blooming Kids’ Play School, Kolkata
  • Bamboola Play School, Chennai
  • Bambino Kindergarten & Primary School, Raja Annamalai Puram, Chennai