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Education Fairs are highly significant and beneficial events for all people, educational and training institutions, publishers, and other entities which are related with education, careers, professions, and recruitments and employment. To students, these education fairs offer books and magazines on pertinent subjects or fields, career opportunities in different economic fields, fast growing opportunities in certain fields, information about the employing companies, information about the reputed educational universities and institutes located in the native and foreign countries for pursuing some special career-building courses, and lots more for superlative education, career selection, and fast and lavish employment. To professional, these education fairs offer rich and latest information about enrichment in the professional career, career growth, selection of any promising sideline, companies for better employment, and many other things for the best possible professions and professional progress. To book publishers, these national or international education fairs, present rich and ripe opportunities for making themselves prominent in the national and international jurisdictions, and provide detailed information about all those books and other printed materials to the concerned students and professionals, in order to be outstanding in the world of publishers and rather popular in the concerned jurisdictions. Companies and employers engaged in various fields of the sectors of education, professions, business and commerce, industries, and services, can easily find suitable candidates in the education fairs, besides making themselves well-known to the people. Lastly, the organizers of the national or international education fairs meet diverse objectives related with educational development, socio-economic development, and public welfare, in addition to become eminent and benevolent to the society, through these education fairs of national and international importance.

International Education Events in India

As India is the second most populous, and one of the major and thriving economies of the world, the importance of education fairs and book fairs is certainly great in India. Therefore, every year, a large number of book fairs, education fairs, seminars and conferences on education, and international education fairs are help in places all across the whole country, for the above-mentioned purposes. These indian education fairs and international education fairs cater to the needs and requirements of school students, students studying in colleges and universities, professionals in various economic fields, book publishers, companies and institutions associated with education and employment, and other people of the society in general. However, the majority of education fairs in india and abroad, are preferably the higher education fairs, career fairs, and fairs for introducing new employment opportunities and careers in various occupational and economic fields in India and abroad.

Some of the most prominent and reputed organizers of education fairs and education fairs in India and abroad, are The Indian Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO); World DIDAC India; Times International Education Fairs; AFAIRS [organizer of the The Great India Education Fairs (TGIEF)]; Lynchpin; The Hindu Education Plus International Education Fairs; etc.

The nodal agency of the Government of India for promoting external trades and job and education fairs in India, is the Indian Trade Promotion Organization. The education fairs organized every year by this agency gather a large number of Indian and foreign universities and institutions, representatives of colleges, training and loan providing institutions, visa consultants, employment agencies, and many other entities, besides huge crowd of students and professionals. The education fairs held annually by the World DIDAC India, are supported by the famous Worlddidac Association, British Education Suppliers Association (BESA), DIDACTA of Germany, and the India Didactics Association (IDA), and many trade bodies and associations. Lynchpin is a reputed Indian and International Education Fair and Career Fair Organizer; while, AFAIRS is one of the leading Education Fair & Convention Organizers of Asia.