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The online education courses are very convenient for some students, working professionals, and other persons of the society, for an array of objectives and benefits. If such courses are of opulent and internationally acclaimed curriculums, then productivity and reputation of these courses are maximal. Rich and employment-supporting online education programs are quite popular in the present-day world, by people interested in various occupational fields. Thus, these distance education courses have become a vital part of the education sector in most of the countries of the world, inseparably including India.

These online education courses are extremely popular among studying students at colleges or universities, working students, employed persons and professionals, entrepreneurs, busy businesspersons, housewives, occupied persons in some commercial or financial activities, unemployed persons, physically challenged persons, and other literate persons of society who lack time, money, or resources for an occupation or employment. The most common and outstanding benefits of the online education courses are easy accessibility to the basic graduate or postgraduate degree in the interested discipline, ease of obtaining any additional degree in the main or related field, acquiring conveniently a desired degree for promotion in profession, a requisite degree for starting a business of one's own, a necessary qualification or degree for growth in one's business or profession, and convenience in respect of making no alterations in the usual work schedules, education costs, and economy of time-duration.

Distance Learning Programs and Degrees Courses

Today, over 400 online education courses are available to people of the world over at varying academic and professional levels, and in an all-encompassing range of fields and subjects. The number of online universities and institutes offering these courses is huge and ever-growing, especially in the countries of USA, Australia, Switzerland, UK, Canada, Singapore, India, France, Germany, Sweden, South Africa, China, New Zealand, Denmark, Mexico, Brazil, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, and other countries of Europe and Asia. However, about 150 of these online universities located in these countries, are now globally prominent and most reputed. To discover some of these globally renowned and top online universities of India and the world, please visit other web-pages of ours this globally popular and highly reliable educational website of India.

The varieties of online education degrees offered by online universities situated in India and countries worldwide, are diploma and certificate degrees, graduate degrees, associate degrees, postgraduate degrees, and doctoral degrees. The fields or subjects served by these distance education online programs are almost all subjects related with the sectors of academia and education, professions, businesses and commerce, industries, and services. However, the most preferred and popular subjects in connection with the online education in india and abroad, are the following at present - business administration and management; information technology; engineering and technology; sciences; law and paralegal; arts and humanities; education and teaching; journalism and mass communication; library and information science; social sciences; public health; tourism and hospitality; psychology; nursing; medical assisting; hospital administration; health and nutrition; languages and literature; religious studies; biotechnology; rural development; entrepreneurship; clerical and secretarial; computer information systems; e-business and marketing; insurance; retail management; media and entertainment; fashion technology; pharmaceuticals; agricultural and horticultural development; internet and multimedia; fine arts and design; and many other scientific, technical, and non-technical subjects of contemporary importance and profitability.