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The Education Jobs are those jobs which are present in the education and teaching sector of a country, at varying academic, administrative, managerial, and advisory levels. These education jobs cover both the school education jobs and the higher education jobs, and other jobs and activities which are connected with education, training, teaching, and career development. Again, these education sector jobs could be the full-time jobs, part time education jobs, or intermittent jobs in schools, colleges, universities, or coaching or publishing institutions. Here, in ours this special web-article on education jobs in India, we are providing very informative and beneficial information about the categories of jobs in the education sector of India, means for getting information about the vacancies in the education sector of India, vastness and status of the education and teaching sector of India, and growth opportunities in this affluent and booming sector of India.

The education and teaching sector of India is the third largest and well-developed educational infrastructure and system in the whole world, after that of USA and China. At present, there are about 500 higher education universities, around 20,000 colleges and institutes, about 850 polytechnics, 15 universities and institutions of global repute [including IIMs, IITs, JNU, NLSIU, IGNOU, etc.], and a huge number of professional and vocational training institutes, are located in India in places all across the whole country. These central-funded, state-funded, and privately funded education and teaching institutions collectively employ an enormous number of teaching faculties, academic professionals, administrative personnel, educational counselors and advisors, and other supportive staff, who belong to India and countries worldwide. Hence, India is certainly a globally prominent, immensely popular, and highly preferred destination in the whole world, for rich, well-paying, and fast progressive jobs in the education and teaching sector. Consequently, every year a huge number of Indian and foreign teachers, lecturers, professors, and other educators associated with various educational and professional disciplines, find lavish and bright employments in Indian schools, colleges, universities, research institutes, coaching and training institutions, and other entities related with education, career development, and employment in India and abroad. Rich, detailed, and the latest information about the vacancies in the education sector of India, especially in the private sector, can promptly be acquired from;;;;;; and so on. An extensive but select list of education jobs in india, is provided separately in the section below, for convenience to the visitors.

Types of Education Jobs in India

Owing to all reasons mentioned above, India is an immensely opulent country of the whole world in respect of vast, rich, and booming jobs in its education and teaching sector. Broadly, various jobs at varying hierarchies in the education and teaching sector of India, can be divided into the following major categories, in both the governmental and private sectors:
  • Online Teaching Jobs
  • Lecturers
  • Editorial Jobs
  • Publishing Jobs
  • Legal Advisors
  • Academic Counselors
  • High School Teachers
  • Primary School Teachers
  • Physical Education Teachers
  • Academic Officers and Principals
  • Public Relationship Professionals
  • Foreign Language Teachers
  • Laboratory Technicians
  • Education Psychologist Jobs
  • Professors/Associate Professors
  • Education Administrators
  • Education Advisor Jobs
  • Overseas Education Counselors
  • Placement Coordinator Jobs
  • Content and Copy Writing Jobs
  • Vocational and Professional Trainers
  • Librarians and Library Assistant Jobs
  • Teaching Staff in Private Coaching Centers
  • Heads of Department at Colleges and Universities
  • Community Agencies related with Education and Social Development
  • Educational and Professional Research Institutes and Centers in India and abroad
  • And, other Ancillary and Supportive Staff at schools, Colleges, and Universities
  • Animation Jobs Associated with Education at Schools and higher education Institutes
  • Special Education Jobs [For Mentally or Emotionally Weak, or Handicapped Children and Students]