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The Preschool Education is the vital component of the Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE), and is therefore, quite prominent and popular in most of the well-developed, affluent, and fast prospering countries of the world. The majority of opulent nations of the world spend ample money and resources for constant betterment of this ECCE in their respective country. Besides this, the private sector in each of such countries has also invested a substantial amount of money for making this preschool education highly qualitative, effective, and maximally best. To name a few, such countries are New Zealand; Norway; Iceland; Finland; United States; Australia; United Kingdom; France; The Netherlands; Korea; Luxembourg; Switzerland; Canada; Austria; Greece; Singapore; Japan; and many other well-developed and fast progressing countries of the world.

Due to ever-growing requirement for preschool education and betterment in this, there are well-established a large number of play schools or preschools in these countries, and this number is going on increasing every year. More information about the preschool education abroad, the most popular programs for such education in countries worldwide, and the scope of preschool jobs abroad, is provided in the section below, to help parents and preschool teachers of the world over.

Preschool Education Abroad

The most popular programs or philosophies for early childhood care and education in countries worldwide are Montessori; HighScope; Waldorf; Bank Street; Reggio Emilia; Head Start; and Parent Co-Ops. Most of the governmental and private preschools in these countries utilize any of these globally admired preschool education programs. These programs are intelligent well-devised to inculcate in little kids (two to five-year old) all necessary qualities and skills for joining the nursery or primary schools. The most important among these qualities and skills are communication skills, self-confidence and self-dependency, logical thinking and acting, early literary knowledge, fundamental of arithmetic, making friends, knowing the world around them, love for learning things, social skills, and problem-solving skills. Again, some of the highly and widely prominent chains of preschools in countries worldwide, are the following at present:

  • Bright Horizons
  • Kumon Math & Reading Centers
  • Sylvan Learning Center
  • Kindercare
  • Learning Care Group
  • Kidzee
  • The Tree House
  • Shemrock
  • Euro Kids
  • Kangaroo Kids

Again, as the ever-growing sector of preschools abroad is fast flourishing, there are readily available abundant opportunities for jobs in the field of preschool teaching abroad, at diverse levels and designations. Some of these posts are counselors, kindergarten teachers, childcare workers, administrators, subject-wise teachers, music teachers, art teachers, dance teachers, management professionals, supporting staff, etc.