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As its very title signifies, preschool teaching is the teaching offered at any preschool or play school. Today, as the importance of early childhood education or pre-nursery education has gained grounds in most well-developed and fast progressing countries of the world, there exist rich and lavish employment opportunities in the sphere of preschool teaching. In India also, scope for preschool teaching jobs is immense, as there are a huge number of preschools well-established in cities all across the country. The lower section of this web-article provides exclusive information about the preschool teaching in India, and the preschool teaching jobs in cities all across India.

One most significant and vital ingredient for highly successful and satisfying career in the field of preschool teaching is due love, care, and concern for little and ingenuous kids. Other important qualities required for a rich and reputed career in this field are due patience and simplicity to handle kids delicately and dexterously; tact and techniques to inspire kids for learning new things; ample understanding of the psychology of little children; equable temperament; ideas for entertaining children and create in them love for learning good things and habits; and many other qualities necessary for mental development and rise of learning abilities of the children (from 2 to 5 years in age). For these purposes, proper diploma or degree in preschool teaching is considered essential.

Preschool Teaching Jobs in India

The preschool education and teaching is now amply famous and popular in India also, and this sector is worth 4000 crore, at present. Moreover, the rate of growth in this sector of preschool education is as high as 35% per year. As there are numerous play schools or preschools in most of the big cities of India, there are enormous opportunities for jobs in this sector of preschool teaching, under diverse categories and posts. Hence, bright and booming are job prospects in this preschool teaching in entire India. Consequently, a large number of institutions are now offering degrees and diploma in preschool teaching to graduate and postgraduate students and people. The online preschool teaching degrees are now also available, for building a rich and progressive career in this sector.

The categories of jobs available in this sector of preschool teaching and early childhood education can broadly be classified into the following categories - Teachers, Counselors, Administrators, positions in the School Management, Activity Teachers, Dance Teachers, Craft Teachers, Music Teachers, Art Teachers, and supporting staff for development of self-confidence and learning abilities of the kids. Undoubtedly, the most affluent opportunities for jobs in this preschool teaching are available in the metropolitan cities of India, and other fast growing big cities of the country. These cities certainly are Mumbai, Delhi and NCR, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Pune, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, and many cities of the south India. These cities contain numerous play schools and pre-nursery schools operated and managed by some internationally famous chains of preschools, such as EuroKids, Montessori House of Children, Kangaroo Kids, Shemrock Play Schools, BACHPAN, Kidzee, Apple Kids International Pre-Schools, etc.