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An academic or professional course which offers a master's degree in the concerned discipline or subject, is known as a master education program. These master education programs are considered most elegant for giving a satisfactory finish to the higher education in any educational, technical, or non-technical discipline or field. In respect of employment, a master's degree in any subject is highly appreciated or preferred. Moreover, for acquiring any doctoral degree, such as M. Phil or Ph. D, a master's degree in the concerned subject is essential. Hence, these master education programs are highly significant and popular in all countries of the world, and most of the large and reputed universities conduct these programs in a wide-range of subjects or disciplines. In ours this benevolent web-article, we are offering rich and exclusive information about the master degree education, the most popular subjects in India and abroad, for a master's degree, and the status of master education in india, in diverse educational and professional streams. Here, it may be mentioned that, a master's degree program is generally lasts for two years, and admits a candidate who has a graduate degree in the specified subject.

Master's Education Programs in India

In India also, the postgraduate level of higher education is highly refined and superlative, is of world-class, and covers almost all most popular disciplines and subjects. Over 20,000 colleges and universities of India preferably provide elevated and rather professional and prolific master higher education, in almost all traditional and modern fields and subjects. Some of these universities and institutions such as JNU, AIIMS, IIMs, IITs, IGNOU, NLSIU, etc., are internationally renowned for ace-quality master's degree education in some general and special subjects and fields. The status of these postgraduate programs in India are kept at par with the master's degree courses of global standards, by governmental bodies like UGC, AICTE, DEC, MCI, NCTE, INC, BCI, PCI, DCI, etc. Apart from the regular campus-based education at the postgraduate level in universities and colleges, a large number of master's degree programs are also offered by about 200 open universities and distance learning institutes of India through the online mode, in most of the hugely popular and employment-oriented subjects.

Today, besides the most common and traditional subjects in the broad streams of arts and humanities, sciences, social sciences, commerce, law, engineering and technology, and medical sciences, the most popular and highly preferred subjects for doing a prolific master's degree in, are the following in India and abroad - Education and Teaching; Public Health; Information Technology; Nursing; Public Administration; Psychology; Accounting; Finance; Human Resource Management; Computer and Information Sciences; Marketing: Business Administration; Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications: Financial Planning and Services; Management Information Systems; Criminal Justice; Entrepreneurship; Biotechnology; Bioinformatics; Mass Communication; Hospital Administration; Languages and Literature; Religious Studies; Pharmacy; and other highly prolific subjects. Detailed information about these courses, and the universities of India and abroad, which offer these courses, can readily be obtained through visiting other web-pages of ours this highly reliable and vastly popular educational website of India.