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As accounting is absolutely essential for doing a business or profession in any economic field correctly, securely, and profitably, the accounts and commerce stream has always been a vital and highly preferred stream in every country. Consequently, careers in the field of accounting and commerce have always been evergreen, fast progressive, and well-paying in countries worldwide, inseparably including India. In this particular web-article, presented is rich and very useful information about careers in commerce stream in india, along with mature, wise, and expert commerce career guidelines.

According to commerce careers guide, graduates and postgraduates in accounting & commerce are among the most sought after professionals in all fields of occupation and economy, at par with those in the fields of engineering & technology, education & teaching, medical and paramedical, law and paralegal, IT and computers, etc. As per the experts engaged in offering career guidance commerce, the requirements of professionals in commerce grow by 10% every year in every big and fast progressing country. As far as India is concerned, it will require about 8000 to 10,000 professionals associated with accounting & commerce and finance, every year in future years.

List of Careers in Commerce Stream in India

India also provides immense opportunities for employment to the graduates and postgraduates in the disciplines of commerce & accounting and finance, both in the governmental and public sector, and the private sector. The most common and popular avenues for employment of them are governmental departments and institutions, public sector companies, nationalized and private banks, insurance companies, public and private limited companies, financial institutions, auditing firms, investment companies, legal firms, stock broking companies, and so on. A selective list of careers in commerce is provided below, in these employment-avenues in India and abroad. The main and most significant institutes associated with the professions in accounting and commerce in India are the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India [ICAI], the National Institute of Certified Public Accountants [NICPA], and the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India [ICWAI].

At present, the following are the most popular, lavish, and top growing careers in commerce in India and abroad:
  • Accountants / Chartered Accountants
  • Assistants in Accounting and Auditing Firms
  • Private Auditors
  • Finance / Accounts Executive
  • Financial Analysts in Insurance Companies
  • Director - Tax and Customs
  • Chief Financial Officers in Banks or Corporations
  • Manager - Accounts & Finance
  • Manager - Corporate Accounting
  • Finance Manager
  • Corporate Advisory Services
  • Finance and Investment Consultants
  • Forensic Accountants