Mangalayatan University

IIM Kozhikode

Usha Martin University

The iim Kozhikode is among the top management school that are found in the country that has been well established with the support of the Central Government of India to offer the outstanding levels of training, education and various other research segments in 1996. The school has state of the art facilities that are inclusive of all the modern amenities that are inclusive of the technologies and insights that will help the students in achieving the perfect level of learning. The faculty members are highly well qualified in their academics and also in the field of standardized form of learning that will help the students in achieving the quality form of management learning that are inclusive of the advancement of the latest trends that are accepted internationally.

The iim kozhikode mba is among the fifth IIM that are established in the country and offers courses that are from the postgraduate to the doctoral level. The school also welcomes diverse areas of learning that are offered through the presence of international well formed personalities that will provide the real life learning experience so that they can enhance their quality learning in the different management courses. At the beginning there were only 42 students and it gradually grew to be one of the best in the country with students from not only in the country but also from all around the world.

The eligibility of the students that are found here are of two different types which is for the post graduate which is made of students who have completed their graduate degree with at least 50% and for the executive programs should have five years of experience in their work. Those in the doctoral programs that are found here are for students who have completed their post graduation with lest 55%.

IIM Kozhikode Admission and Courses

The admission that is allowed here is based on the academic credentials that are inclusive of the entire educational qualification of the student plus the credit score of the CAT. There is also the presence of iim kozhikode entrance exam which is comprise of written test, group discussion and the personal interview. The overall score are taken into account and then the finally the students and admitted in according to their total score. The students who have completed the with GMAT or GATE test are also eligible for the course.

As for the iim kozhikode courses that are provided here are comprised of two section which is the post graduate and the research or fellowship programs as:

  • Post Graduate Program (PGP)
  • Executive Post Graduate Program (EPGP)
  • Fellow Program in Management (FPM)
  • Executive PG Program (Part-Time) - Kochi Campus
  • Management Development Program (MDP)
  • Faculty Development Program (FDP)

Fellow Program in Management:

  • Economics
  • Finance, Accounting and Control
  • Humanities & Liberal Arts in Management
  • Information Technology and Systems
  • Marketing Management
  • Organizational Behavior and Human Resources
  • Quantitative Methods and Operations Management
  • Strategic Management