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Education in Australia

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Australia is one of the world's most exciting places to study for any course. It is a country with a vivid mix of cultures, first-class infrastructure, high quality education and cutting-edge research, and it's rich in lifestyle and landscapes. Higher education in Australia is quality regulated by the Australian Government across all universities. There are national agencies to monitor teaching, administration, learning, and research in institutions. Australia has an ESOS act which protects the integrity of the system; safeguard the welfare and the rights of an international student. The commonwealth register of institutions and courses for overseas students should approve the courses offered to international students.

Every year numbers of students from different parts of the world, come to complete their college education in Australia. Admission to the Australia universities and colleges is very competitive for the international students. Australian universities and colleges conduct tests for the students willing to get admitted in Australian universities and colleges. However, the competition also varies according to the schools and the qualifications of the international students also form an important consideration. For an international student to gain entry in a top Australian college, it is very important to bear good grades.

Fees, Scholarships and Student Loans in Australia

The majority of students do not have the sufficient amount of financial resources to fulfill the tuition fees. Therefore, the student loans are being offered on a good scale. Besides, the universities and institutes also offer scholarships. The student loans and scholarships are also offered by federal government and private lenders. Scholarships, both need based and merit-based are available extensively. Generally, the private universities have a higher tuition fee than the public colleges. However, the public colleges make up the difference by relying on the state funds. A range of scholarships are available for students who are enrolled in TAFE, higher education, or graduate or postgraduate courses. International scholarships are also available to government sponsored students.