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The sector of real estate is one of the largest and highly significant economic sectors in any country, essentially including fast progressing and vast India. Consequently, this real estate sector contains a huge capital investment and assets, and employs an enormous number of people ad professionals in its diverse major segments, and at various occupational and professional levels. Thus, doing business in this real estate sector, or making a career in it, is certainly bright, evergreen, and well-paying. In this web-article, we are especially interested in offering rich and very beneficial information regarding the careers in real estate, and the most popular and promising career options in real estate sector of India.

The second most populated country in the whole world, and one of the major and fast-paced economies of the globe, India naturally has a well-developed and thriving sector of real estate. In the year 2009-10, this real estate sector of India contributed about 18% to the national GDP [from a mere 10% in the 1991-92]. In respect of employment, this sector is the second largest, after the sector of agriculture and allied activities. The foreign direct investment too, in this real estate sector of India has been considerably good in last decade. This fast-paced real estate sector of India imperatively requires abundant manpower and professionals, to drive this growth trend in present and future years. Hence, the prospects for building a rich and progressive career in real estate in india, are certainly high and bright. More information about the careers in real estate industry of India, is separately provided in the lower section.

List of Careers in Real Estate in India

As the real estate sector encompasses all activities and works which range from the very property development and management to selling or leasing of all types of real estate property, this entire industry employs a huge number of professionals and people in many broad divisions or segments. Broadly, real estate career options in India and abroad are in the following segments:
  • Land Purchase and Business Development Sales
  • Property Development
  • Architectural and Engineering Planning
  • Project and Construction Management
  • Government Liaison
  • Accounts and Finance
  • Human Resources and Administration
  • Property Valuation
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Real Estate Project Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Sustainable Development
  • Real Estate Advisory
  • Property Management
  • Real Estate Appraising and Selling
  • Real Estate Marketing, PR, and Advertising
  • Real Estate Brokering
  • Real Estate Investment Consultancy
  • Legal and General Management

Depending upon one's educational qualifications, area of deep interest, related work-experience, or beneficial contacts or resources, etc, one can make career in anyone or more areas mentioned above. For starting or building careers in real estate, the most famous and commonly popular avenues are governmental ministries or departments associated with real estate and urban development, private construction companies, property development firms, mortgage bankers, real estate brokering agencies, property management firms, commercial banks, etc. Today, besides the courses in Civil Engineering and Architectural Engineering, other areas associated with the real estate sector, are being covered by the majority of India universities and institutes.