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A Graduate Education course is the education course which offers a graduate or bachelor's degree in the desired subject. This level of an educational or professional degree, is regarded as being the main basic degree in any technical or non-technical stream. For further enrichment of a career in the selected educational or professional stream, the postgraduate or master's degree is required by the student. Hence, the graduate education programs are certainly the most prevalent and popular education courses in all countries of the world over. In addition to the traditional campus-based education, this graduate level education is now also obtainable through the means of distance learning, in a rather extensive range of professional fields or subjects. In this very informative and productive web-article, we are providing rich and exclusive coverage on the graduate education in india, which is provided separately in the lower paragraphs and section.

As the educational infrastructure and system of India is one of the largest, most well-developed, and fast prospering educational systems of the world, after that of USA and China, the graduate education courses of India are rather qualitative and internationally commended. Again, India has some of the best graduate schools for education in the whole world, which include IITs, JNU, AIIMS, NLSIU, IGNOU, and many central-funded and private universities and institutions. Moreover, this higher educational infrastructure of India has at present, about 500 universities, about 20,000 degree and postgraduate colleges and institutes, over 850 polytechnics, and a large number of professional training and vocational institutes and centers. As far as the distance education is concerned, there are about 200 full-fledged online institutions and open universities in cities all across India.

Top Level Education and Programs in India

The Government of India, through its regulatory boards and bodies concerned with higher education in the country, maintains the level of higher education in India at par with that in most of the well-developed and affluent countries of the world. Such governmental bodies are University Grants Commission (UGC), All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Medical Council of India (MCI), the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE), the Distance Education Council (DEC), Bar Council of India (BCI), Indian Nursing Council (INC), the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI), Dental Council of India (DCI), etc. Hence, along with a huge number of Indian students and scholars, a large number of foreign students and professionals, also avail the superlative higher education in India every year.

Today, for a main, prolific and professional graduate or bachelor's degree, the following disciplines or subjects are rather popular in India and countries worldwide, at present - subjects belonging to arts and humanities; sciences; diverse disciplines of law; engineering streams; medical sciences; accounts and commerce; social sciences; computer hardware and software; information technology; e-business and commerce; business administration; mass communication and journalism; internet and multimedia; languages; media and entertainment; nursing; culinary and hospitality; fine arts and design; fashion technology; library and information science; pharmaceutical; insurance; tourism and hospitality; and many other technical and non-technical educational streams and subjects.

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