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Rich and internationally well-accredited online courses and degrees extended by universities of the world over, are now amply prominent and popular in countries worldwide, inseparably including India. Owing to the ever-growing popularity and preference, these online degree courses are now covering a constantly increasing number of subjects and fields, in order to be useful and productive to the greatest possible number of students, professionals, and other people of the society at large. In this particular web article, we are offering detailed and very constructive information about the online degrees by subject in India, indispensably including the accelerated online degrees by Indian universities.

Today in India, there are over 300 online degree courses are extended by about 230 educational institutions which are under the categories of brick-and-mortar universities and colleges, open universities, online institutes and colleges, and open and distance learning institutes [ODLIs]. These courses cover a rather extensive range of subjects of global popularity and preference [mentioned below separately], and all varying academic levels ranging from undergraduate to doctoral in each of these subjects or disciplines. Each of these courses for an online degree in india at any level, is duly and strictly recognized by the Distance Education Council [DEC] of India, besides being well-approved by any of the bodies of AICTE, MCI, BCI, NCTE, DCI, INC, PCI, RCI, etc. Many online institutions of India are internationally admired for their rich and highly prolific online degree courses, such as IGNOU, New Delhi; Osmania University, Hyderabad; some IIMs and IITs; ICFAI University; SMU-DE, Manipal; SCDL, Pune; IMT, Ghaziabad; etc.

Subject Wise Online Degrees in India

As the higher education infrastructure of India is the third largest in terms of the magnitude of enrolments every year [after the higher educational systems of USA and China], the online degree courses are quite opulent and popular in India, in respect of the large number of subjects covered and the richness of the courses. Today, the annual enrolments to the higher educational institutions in India are around 25 million, which include enrolments under the distance learning courses also.

As far as the distance learning courses and degrees are concerned, almost all subjects related with the broad sectors of academic, professions, business & commerce, industries, and services are comprehensively encompassed by such courses offered by Indian institutions. The extensive list of online degree subjects is presented below; which essentially contain most of the hugely popular and best online degree subjects, amid the Indian and global students and professionals: Sciences; Business Administration and Management; Information Technology; Mass Communication and Journalism; Engineering and Technology; Arts and Humanities; Law and Paralegal; Accounts and Commerce; Education and Teaching; Social Sciences; Life Sciences; Biotechnology; Industrial Manufacturing & Production; Environmental Studies; Human Resource Development and Management; Languages and Literature; Entrepreneurship; Animation; Tourism and Hospitality; Media and Entertainment; Fashion Technology; Nursing; Library and Information Science; Internet and Multimedia; Pharmacy; Culinary and Hospitality; Computer Hardware and Software; Religious Studies; Rural Development; e-Business and Commerce; International Business and Trade; Agricultural and Horticultural Development; Medical Assisting; Insurance; Banking and Finance; Health and Nutrition; Distribution and Marketing; Hospital Administration; Public Health; Psychology; Industrial and Public Relations; Genetics; Pharmaceuticals; Fine Arts & Design; Telecommunications; Some Branches of Medical Sciences; Food & Nutrition; Sports; Music; and many other scientific, technical, and non-technical subjects of contemporary importance and productivity.