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Today, the internationally recognized and acclaimed online education courses offered by universities in some countries of the world, are rather creative and beneficial, in respect of many things. The most significant among these things are internationally accredited educational degrees, highly enriched curriculums, rich opportunities for employment worldwide, high salary expectations, and a bright and progressive career. Hence, students both studying and working, occupied businesspersons, working professionals, housewives, and unemployed persons of the world over, generally prefer to avail these distance education courses abroad, for the best possible gains and benefits; rather than pursuing the online education courses in their respective native country. On this webpage, we are presenting a rich gamut of very creative information about online education in abroad, for help and benefits to students and professionals of the world over.

Keeping in view the ever-growing requirements and popularity of distance education programs, today there are extended about 500 online courses by universities of the world over, at the levels of undergraduate, associate, postgraduate, and doctoral. The disciplines or subjects covered by these distance learning courses too are large in number and relate to almost all educational, professional, industrial and commercial, and service fields [separately mentioned below]. The majority of these globally reputed distance education abroad programs, are offered universities and institutions which are well-established in the countries of USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Singapore, India, France, Germany, Spain, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Sweden, South Africa, Brazil, and many other European and Asian countries. Efficient and innovative uses of diverse distance education technologies, such as asynchronous and synchronous distance learning technologies, interactive audio and radio instructions, web-castes and webinars, online virtual worlds, etc., have made these distance education courses maximally illustrative, creative, and satisfying.

Higher Education Study Abroad Online

Based on the criteria of rich and globally appreciated study curriculums, high quality of teaching methodologies and technologies, satisfaction of students, affordability and economy of education charges and fees, number of student enrollment and retention, past reputation and achievements of the university, current performances and achievements, and worldwide prominence and popularity, the following online universities are at present, regarded as most renowned and top universities in the whole world for superlative abroad distance education:

  • University of Phoenix
  • Kaplan University
  • Post University
  • Capella University
  • Liberty University Online
  • Walden University
  • California University of Pennsylvania
  • Western Governors University Online
  • Norwich University
  • Harvard University
  • Abilene Christian University
  • Northeastern University
  • American InterContinental University
  • University of Florida Distance Learning
  • Everest University
  • Everglades University
  • Strayer University
  • Jones International University
  • Boston University
  • DeVry University

The educational and professional courses of these leading distance education abroad universities cover almost all educational, business & commercial, professional, industrial, and service fields. Today, the most popular and generally cherished subjects by students and scholars of the world over, are related with the following broad disciplines or fields: sciences; business administration and management; information technology; engineering and technology; law and paralegal; arts and humanities; education and teaching; journalism and mass communication; social sciences; public health; tourism and hospitality; psychology; nursing; medical assisting; hospital administration; health and nutrition; languages and literature; religious studies; biotechnology; rural development; entrepreneurship; computer information systems; e-business and marketing; insurance; retail management; media and entertainment; and many other subjects of contemporary importance and profitability.