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The E-Learning is learning and finding education through online mode from any cherished educational institute or university located in the native town, country, or in any foreign country of the world. This e-learning is essentially associated with computers, internet, and devices and techniques of the information technology. Today, this e learning education is available both for school education and the higher education, in almost all countries of the world. Gradually, this e-learning mode of education is becoming an ancillary and very helpful means for getting elementary education of higher education, especially for working students and professionals, occupied businesspersons and administrators, housewives, physically challenged kids and adults, children and students who are subject to frequent changes of place of residence or education, unemployed persons, and other people of the society. The mode of e-learning for kids, enable them to receive school education at home from any select school of choice, which could be located in the native country, or in any foreign country. Increasing uses of the synchronous e-learning technologies, along with the asynchronous ones, and other facilities like interactive audio and radio instructions, online virtual worlds, web-castes, and webinars, etc., are fast making the e-learning courses maximally creative, convincing, and convenient. As far as the higher education is concerned, there are about 500 e-learning courses available in the present-day world, which are in almost all educational and professional disciplines, and at all academic levels. To know about these distance learning programs, and the globally admired online universities and institutes extending these programs, please visit other web-pages of this website.

E-Learning Programs & Degree Courses in India

This conveniently lavish and glamorous e-learning is vastly popular in India also; and a large number of universities and institutes efficiently offer a rich gamut of e learning degree programs at different academic and professional levels, and in a rather broad range of disciplines and subjects. About 175 of these Indian institutes and universities are now internationally popular and highly commended due to superlative and innovative courses of these. Collectively these online institutions offer about 300 e-learning programs for benefits to students, professionals, and other people engaged in all educational and economic fields. All well-formulated courses of e learning in india, are rigorously recognized and regulated, and constantly updated by the Distance Education Council [DEC] of India, to maintain these at par with the global standards. Moreover, the study curriculums of these e-learning courses of India are duly approved by bodies like AICTE, MCI, DCI, BCI, NCTE, INC, PCI, etc. For getting information about the best and top online universities of India, visitors are kindly advised to visit other web-pages of this highly reputed educational website of India.

Today, the most popular, cherished, and preferred e-learning courses in India [and also in countries worldwide] are connected with the following broad categories: Business Administration and Management; Information Technology; Sciences; Mass Communication and Journalism; Engineering and Technology; Arts and Humanities; Law and Paralegal; Accounts and Commerce; Education and Teaching; Social Sciences; Life Sciences; Biotechnology; Languages and Literature; Entrepreneurship; Tourism and Hospitality; Media and Entertainment; Fashion Technology; Nursing; Library and Information Science; Internet and Multimedia; Computer Hardware and Software; Religious Studies; Rural Development; e-Business and Commerce; Agricultural and Horticultural Development; Medical Assisting; Insurance; Banking and Finance; Health and Nutrition; Hospital Administration; Public Health; Psychology; and many other scientific, technical, and non-technical subjects of contemporary importance and productivity.