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A Ph. D Degree, the full form of which is Doctor of Philosophy, is a discipline-based doctorate, which in most of the countries considered as being the highest level of formal study or research in any academic or professional field. This elevated academic or professional degree prepares the postgraduate candidates or scholars for academic, administrative, managerial, clinical, or research positions in the concerned fields. The eligibility for phd education is a postgraduate degree in the specified subject or field. Normally, the time taken by a phd education program in any subject in india and abroad, is four to six years. As almost all high-level posts and positions in the sectors of academia, professions, businesses, and services, prefer a doctorate degree in the concerned field, the productivity and importance of phd education are great and ever-growing in today's highly competitive world. The majority of major and reputed research universities and institutions commonly prefer to employ candidates with proper and relevant Ph. D degrees.

The main and ultimate objective of the phd education in any desired subject or field is to prepare postgraduate candidates for contributing to the concerned discipline through research and teaching. The candidate going through a phd program has to create a piece of original research in the selected field or subject (a thesis), which must be unique, accurate, and creative enough to be published to the world. The main and outstanding benefits of phd education in any subject or field are in-depth subject knowledge, necessary research experience, acquaintance with pertinent methods and theories, high and illustrious post, opportunities to pursue advanced studies in the cherished field, and participation in an active and renowned research community.

PhD. Education Programs in India

Because of all above-mentioned requirements and qualities of phd education, most of the big and reputed universities of India essentially conduct and escort superlative phd education programs in almost all popular and highly preferred fields or subjects. Every year, a large number of Indian and foreign scholars avail rich, prolific, and innovative phd education in india, in their cherished disciplines or subjects. Though for acquiring a phd degree, any subject/field can preferably be chosen, there are some subjects or disciplines, which are now rather popular and commonly preferred in India and other countries of the world over. Some of these disciplines or subjects are education and teaching; sciences; business administration and management; streams of engineering; educational leadership; information systems management; tourism studies; languages and literature; social sciences; environmental science; water resources; urban and regional planning; public health; law and criminal justice; psychology; organizational leadership; health administration; mass communication and journalism; life sciences; public administration; religious studies; and many other areas. The following is the list of some hugely popular subjects for earning a doctorate degree in, in India:

PHD Education Courses in India
  • Ph.D (Physics, Maths, Chemistry)
  • Ph.D Commerce
  • Ph.D Mass Communication
  • Ph.D Management
  • Ph.D Philosophy
  • Ph.D Education
  • Ph.D Tamil
  • Ph.D (Urban & Regional Planning)
  • Ph.D Drama & Theatre
  • Ph.D Arts
  • Ph.D Economics
  • Ph.D International Studies
  • Ph.D Life Science
  • Ph.D Physics
  • Ph.D Sanskrit
  • Ph.D (Science & Engineering)
  • Ph.D in Development Studies (Commerce)
  • Ph.D in Development Studies (Dev Statistics)
  • Ph.D in Development Studies (Economics)
  • Ph.D in Development Studies (Geography)
  • Ph.D in Development Studies (Political Science)
  • Ph.D in Development Studies (Public Administration)
  • Ph.D in Development Studies (Social)
  • Ph.D (Architecture, Bio-Tech)
  • Ph.D (Electrical & Electronics, Environment)
  • Ph.D (Indl Engineering, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Ph.D (Remote Sensing, Water Resources)
  • Ph.D (Civil Engineering, Computer Science)
  • Ph.D (Electronics & Communication)
  • Ph.D (Energy, Management Sc)
  • Ph.D (Transportation Engineering)